Thursday, December 1, 2011

3D Marks Comes To Android Phone On 2012

The company for PCMark and 3DMark, Futuremark has started on developing the benchmarking software for the android phone compatible edition. And for the product names will title by 3Dmark for Android. in the future, this software will be the testing tools for standardization of android smartphone industry.

With this 3DMark for Android, android user could do some measuring performance test of the phone's processors unit, openGL, rendering, and the phone's engines to its limit. After that, the benchmarking software will compare the test result with the latest company's software, such as the upcoming Windows 8.

3DMarks software also cooperate with many android handset makers to makes this software better. there are NVIDIA, AMD, Imagination Technologies, Intel, HP and Dell that already on the list to join. The FutureMark Press release about this benchmarking development can be found here,

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