Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 4 Android Applications for 2011

One of the nice things that android devices allow us to do is download different applications. If you are looking for nice applications for you android phone, here are the top 4 android applications for December 2011.

Top 1 Facebook
Still on the top spot is the official Facebook application for android. This application is a total must have for Facebook users. You can access your Facebook account with ease and update your status and post photos as well.

Top 2 Angry Birds Lite
Another famous game that was popularized by iPhone is a game about birds and pigs. In this game, the player should kill the pigs in every level to be able to retrieve the stolen bird’s eggs.

Top 3 Google Shopper
Google shopper allows you to find the best deals and discounts offered in stores near you. This is a really convenient application that lets you save money on shopping.

Top 4 Photo Live Wallpaper
Photo Live Wallpaper is an app which lets you display your photos form Facebook, Picasa, or your phone as live wallpaper. There are also different presentations to choose from so you can display you memories all the time.

These are the top 4 downloaded android application as of December 2011. If you need new stuff for your phone, download and try these apps.

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