Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting to Know Google Android Better

Google Android is collaboration between Google and Android. Everyone knows Google, and Android is an open operating system for mobile devices. Google acquired Android sometime in August 2005 and then opened it for distribution sometime in November 2007. This paved the way for the open handset alliance which Google spearheaded.

While the collaboration and the alliance have their initial tough challenges, they seem to be headed in the right direction. The goal is to provide users with enhanced experience through innovative content and apps that are faster, rivalling that of the competition. Users will benefit from the lower cost of services and apps yet the same can compete with the leading operating system provider.

Android is an open source platform that empowers developers and manufacturers to designs and build their products with much freedom. The majority of mobile manufacturers, in fact, have released various mobile devices running on the Android platform. Developers are also designing their Android apps that targets to provide users with difference experience.

In a move that shows how serious Google is to improve user experience with Android, it has recently launched the Android Training. This is a beta program consisting of a series of lectures, eleven classes specifically, to help developers create superior Google Android apps.

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