Thursday, December 15, 2011

Android’s WordPress

For those people who are Android users and regular bloggers, it is good news to know that Android devices can now be equipped with the WordPress application. As a matter of fact, this applications does not only allow a person to post several blog entries anytime he/she wishes to, but the user will also be allowed to follow their favorite WordPress blogs and read the entries wherever they may be as long as the Android device is with them. Not to mention, people will also be able to reblog and/or comment on the posts that they are following using their Android device.

However, people should also know that there is a new version of this application for Android devices that include a lot of updates that have made the application more enjoyable to use. For instance, the HTML5 has been included in the application that will allow the users to directly post videos to their blogs from their Android devices. And according to really reliable sources, it has also been stated that new and much more exciting updates are bound to be released soon. Truly, this knowledge can make any regular blogger and Android user jump for joy because of the benefits that they can get out of these important updates.

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