Saturday, December 10, 2011

The First Tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich OS Already in China

It all started with android-powered smart phones, and now it comes to the development of android tablets. Android Tablets are the main competitors of iPad with regards to user interface, applications, and over-all use. However, a new operating system created by Google, which is called Ice Cream Sandwich, is also about to enter the market with a more updated interface and more available features.

The first phone to have an ice Cream Sandwich OS, the Samsung Nexus Galaxy, is said to be hitting the markets on December 9. With this development on mobile phones, the first tablet to run the Ice Cream Sandwich was also identified. The NOVO7 by Ainova brand uses an Ingenic JZ4770 APU that uses a MIPS-based XBusrt CPU.

This tablet will be released at a price of 99$ only. The NOVO7 has a 7-inch touch screen and also comes with features found in android tablets. The tablet and can also support Wifi connection and has a built-in front and rear cameras and a battery life of seven hours.

The NOVO7 is only available in China as of the moment, but will also be available soon in the US. For an affordable price, you can already enjoy the features of an Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) tablet with this NOVO7 by Ainova.

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