Saturday, December 17, 2011

Android Market’s Refund Window

With the popularity of Android tablets and other devices such as mobile phones, it cannot be denied that the Android Market is also considered as one of the most reliable and popular online store when it comes to purchasing applications and other utility tools for Android devices. Even though majority of the users are happy about the performance of the Android Market, it is also not a secret that there are things that still need improvement.

One of the things that need improvement is the refund system that the Android Market is currently implementing to its users at the moment. When Google changed the refund period from 24 hours to 15 minutes, a lot of people opposed this decision because for them it would need more than 15 minutes to test whether a game is good or not. However, there seems to be a new confusion surfacing regarding the refund system of Android Market because apparently, a lot of users have already believed that the refund period does not only last for 15 minutes because when they tried experimenting on purchasing a game and making it last longer than 15 minutes, the ‘refund’ button did not disappear on the website. However, when they tried to click the refund button after more than 15 minutes, they were surprised that the game they have just purchased just go uninstalled from their device. Just when they thought that the refund period had extended, they became aware that it was just a glitch on Android Market’s system of not changing the ‘refund’ button to uninstall.

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