Friday, December 16, 2011

Facebook Messenger for Android

It is no secret that Facebook has been one of the breakthrough websites in the recent years because of the success and popularity it has gained among a lot of people. And because Android is also one of the fastest-growing operating systems in the market today, it would not be that surprising to know that all the devices supporting Android will give people a bigger chance to access Facebook and other social networking sites as well. Speaking of Facebook, there has been a recent release in the market that can be enjoyed by avid Facebook users and this is the application known as Facebook Messenger. From its name, it can already be concluded that it is an application that allows users to easily send and receive messages from their Facebook friends.

The greatest thing about this application is that those people who have devices running on Android can already enjoy the application because it is already available on Android Market. Another feature that the Facebook Messenger can give the users is that it can let someone with other friends who are currently online on their Facebook chat service. Not to mention, the application also sends notification to the device of the person so that when someone leaves a message, the user will be able to instantly reply and/or attend to it.

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