Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Choose an Android Netbook

The Android Netbook market is coming alive. In a market that Microsoft Windows dominate, Google Android has successfully invaded. In fact, major players in the netbook market that have released their Android-based netbooks are enjoying fair share of the competition.

You will see netbooks that carry the Android operating system, and there are also those that carry both the Android and Windows operating systems. The difference between the two is the windows-based netbooks have become more like miniature versions of laptops while android-based went back to its roots – lightweight, simple, and cost less.

It is this simplicity that is giving the android-based netbooks an edge over the typical netbooks running on Windows. In fact, the former can be comparable to tablets and can even eat a portion of the tablet market. The latter has tougher challenges to face- containing the competition in its category, and the competition brought by the tablets.

In the face of the tablet challenge, the android-based netbooks will probably survive better. Tablets are suitable for people who consume information rather than create them, e.g. browsing the internet, reading emails, downloading content, Those who need to be mobile most times but have to create and manage their content regularly will benefit much from choosing an Android netbook.

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