Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Verizon COnfirm Signal Strength Bug On Galaxy Nexus

Last Monday, the Verizon Wireless company confirmed to the press that they still working on the software patch on signal strength bug for the present release phone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Verizon support department tweet on the company Twitter account said, "The signal strength bug is presently being investigated". "We do not have an ETA, however its software updates is being developed".

This Galaxy Nexus software issues is sometimes the signal strength is lower than other Verizon device in the same room. However, according to the BGR website, the team have no experienced happen on slowed data transfer and any call drops that may occur from bad connection. The Verizon company launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on last week and we also wait the new release for worldwide market to the date.

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