Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why Nokia Won’t Use Android

Many have wondered why until now Nokia would not release any Android devices. Many have said the Nokia might just be able to take over the market once they do so as their hardware designs are one of the best. So why Nokia? Why not Android?

Join the winning camp or forever be lonely, that’s what Alexander Peterc told Nokia. But Nokia insisted that they will never adopt Android instead, they will release something better. Nokia believes that using Android is not only impossible but unwise as well. They said that they will only use Microsoft’s Windows in replacement to Symbian.

Google has also extended their interest to Nokia. However, Nokia, even in the midst of their downfall feels the need to not give up to Google. They have recently released Windows based smart phones with very unique hardware designs and so far, the public reception is good. However, these left a lot of people saying “that would have been better in an Android OS”

Will Nokia ever release and Android phone? Chances are yes but not this soon. If their market keep on falling down then there are high chances that they would give in to Android. And when that comes, many believe that Samsung will be out of the market.

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