Thursday, December 22, 2011

HTC Cha Cha Review

The Cha Cha is another popular mid-range Android smart phone from HTC. It’s a touch screen phone with a front facing QWERTY keypad as well. Talk about getting the best of both worlds. The HTC Cha Cha is also famous for its social networking integration that put a physical Facebook button on the bottom of the main keypad. Facebook’s Zuckerberg even said that he was happy about it.

HTC did a great job overhauling the whole HTC Sense user interface into something that would work on a landscape screen. Everything works fine and it did not look crowded at all. In terms of the design, the Cha Cha feels very nice in the hands. Very solid and quite thin as well. It does have the same curve present on most HTC phones but it quite different as it tends to curve from the middle of the phone as opposed to the bottom part of the older HTCs.

Another nice thing about this is that it has a very nice keypad. The keypad has a nice spacing between keys making it easier to type. All in all, the HTC Cha Cha is a pretty flawless Android phone unless of course you’re not into Facebook.

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