Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy Ice Cream Sandwitch Update For Samsung nexus S

Samsung Nexus S as the most google's smartphone icon, today finally get some update for it android system. Samsung company will launch the official release of ICS (Ice Cream Sandwitch) soon for nexus s. we just have to wait the official release update but wait, we have other new info.

Before you do the andorid 4.0 update yourself, we must warn you this isn't the official android 4.0 release update. we've got this leaked version from the net.

because of this leaked release is still in ICS beta version, you could find some bug and error while running certain functionalities and appliacations such as NFC capability or Face Unlock features. this happens because the smartphone's limited hardware itself. this leaked version update comes with core features but whenever the bugs or errors occur, these glitches will be fixed on the official release version for the next following months.

ok then here is the easy step for updating your lovely samsung nexus s to android 4.0 system

- make sure your battery phone is full or at minimal 60 %, just in case that you will not get installation failures due to dropped energy battery

- ensure you have installed the Superuser app or the clockworkmod recovery then access the root of Nexus s

- download the ICS latest firmware at its about 155 mb, so maybe it takes some times to download the update firmware.

- copy the downloaded file to your nexus s's internal memory

- restart the nesus s handset, go to clockworkmod recovery mode by keep pressing the volume up button and power button together.

- choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset on recovery mode menu

- choose Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache

- when the cleaning process done, choose Install zip from SD card > choose zip from sd card. choose the ics zip file, this installation process can takes about five to eight minutes to finish.

- after the ics installation is done, go back again to main menu, select go back selection. choose reboot system now.

- again turn off the nexus s phone, go to the recovery mode > wipe data/ factory reset > wipe cache. then reboot the samsung nexus s.

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