Friday, December 16, 2011

Android’s Wi-Fi Finder

With a lot of Android device owners, it is not that surprising for them to always look for spots where they can connect to the internet. It is also not a secret that their devices would be more efficient and useful, most especially to a lot of features, if it is connected to the internet. This is the primary reason why this new application that the Android Market is offering is becoming really popular among people – the Wi-Fi Finder. With this application, people will be able to connect to the World Wide Web for free and would allow people to browse through different important websites.

What this application basically does is that it scans the current surroundings of a person and then shows the user the different spots where a Wi-Fi connection can be obtained. Another great thing about this application is that people will be able to use it whether connected to the internet or not, otherwise, its purpose would totally be defeated. Aside from pointing users to the specific location where they can obtain a wireless connection to the internet, this also allows the user to see the exact address of the place where there is a free internet connection, along with the contact number that the user can call.

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