Friday, December 30, 2011

Android Invasion

And the Android invasion continues. Google's Senior Vice President Andy Rubin just tweeted and announced that Android activations increased to around 700,000 per day. In other words, there are close to a million Android devices that sign up for the first time in the wireless service and Android market. To say that there are many Android users is an understatement.

The announcement is just incredible and overwhelming, considering that a month ago Google also revealed that there are estimated 500,000 Android activations per day and around 200 million activated Android devices in the world. So at the outset, there is a 200,000 increase in Android activations within a one month period.

'Android activation' means a fresh-from-the-store Android device is signed on to a network, for the first time, for wireless service. The statistics did not count resold devices. The number of Android devices worldwide is somewhat half-expected, simply because of the Android's multi-platform compatibility; and is also half-unexpected, also simply because of the sheer quantity. Close to a million Android activations every day is almost incomprehensible.

Assuming that the 700,000 Android activations per day does not increase within the next year, that will be around 5 million units a week and around 20 million units a month. On a yearly basis, it will be an estimated 240 million Androids annually. Now that's what an invasion is.

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