Thursday, January 12, 2012

Google’s Android market has now surpassed its target of ten billion (10B) apps download and is continuing to explode. The dramatic surge proves one thing to internet marketers: you need to transform your site and make it as friendly as possible to the mobile community.

Here are some tips that can help you capture the mobile market of Android users:

• Optimize the performance of your website for faster mobile browsing and downloads. You have to take into consideration that mobile users do not have much time to patiently wait for your website to load as they are always running on a tight schedule;

• The lesser your audience will have to scroll on their mobile devices, the better their experience of your website will be. You have to recognize the fact that it takes a little difficulty to navigate sites using mobile devices than it would with desktops and laptops.

You cannot just ignore the growing number of consumers who connect to the internet through their mobile phones. It appears that majority of mobile users are now depending on their devices to get what they need and want from the internet. Your business will be better off with a website that is friendly to its mobile audience considering the profitable explosion of the Android market.

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