Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Most useful Android Tweaks

One of the best features of Android that other mobile operating system does not have is its ability to be personalized and tweaked according to your preference. If you’d like to personalize your android device, here are some of the most popular tweaks that you can try.

1. Create a Ringtone via Ringroid
If you like to have your own unique ringtones, Rindroid is an application that lets you do so. Bored with the default tones your phone comes with? Well then, cut, mix, and spice up your tones with the use of Ringroid. This application can also record your own tracks. All tracks made with Ringroid can be set as ringtone, SMS alert tone, as well as alarm tones.

2. Get a New Keyboard
Bored with your default keyboard? Then get one of the popular apps that lets you customize your keyboard’s looks and functions. Swiftkey, Swype, and Better Keyboard are three of the most downloaded tools that can transform your boring android keyboard into a cute and exciting one.

3. Get a Live Wallpaper
Another way that you can spice up your home screen is to set live wallpaper. There are already some live wallpapers included in your phone but you can also find a lot of cool designs that can change your phone’s appearance. You can find awesome live wallpapers by just searing online.

These are only a few of the tweaks that you can do to improve your android device. If you want to try, please remember to try at your own risk. Enjoy!

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