Saturday, January 28, 2012

Android Apps On Market With Malware Detected List Release By Symantec

Symantec as the security software vendor reported that there are several android apps on Android market that contained a malware program. And the Symantec has released the list to the public and we should be careful when we install the application that indicated a malware.

According to the Symantec, There are 13 Android applications that come from three different android developers that can distribute the malware through android market to more than 5 million of android device around the world.

The Symantec identified the malware as the Android Counterclank. And when this malware has succesfully entry to our android device, this could be a security risk by collects our personal information silently.

Not only the apps but also the android games has injected by this malware, here is the list from Symantec;

- Counter Strike Ground Force
- Counter Elite Force
- CounterStrike Hit Enemy
- Hit Counter Terrorist
- Heart Live Wallpaper
- Stripper Touch Girl
- Deal & Be Millionaire
- Balloon Game
- Wild Man
- Sexy Girls Photo Game
- Pretty Women Lingerie Puzzle
- Sexy Girls Puzzle
- and Sexy Women Puzzle

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