Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top Android Paid Apps

Most people love downloading free applications on the android phones. However, not many people know that most of the paid applications available are also worth it. If you are looking for applications to spend your hard-earned money on, here are a few that you might love.

1. Swiftkey Keyboard ($1.99)
One of the most popular paid applications in the app store is the Swiftkey Keyboard. This application is actually an alternative keyboard that can change your android device’s default one. This is a fun way to enjoy messaging more. It also has a very accurate text predict feature which lets you type your messages easier and faster.

2. Domino Run ($2.28)
Domino Run is another good paid game in the android market. This game is a very challenging puzzle that requires logic and creativity with dominos. The game is all about placing the dominos in the right places. The game has a total of 70 levels that have different difficulty levels.

3. Sketch book PRO ($4.99)
This application is a bit pricey but you’ll be happy you did once you pay for it. This application is perfect for those who have android tablets. This app literally turns your gadget into a canvas you can paint and draw on. It has a lot of nice tools that lets you create wonderful art pieces. This application is good for artists and kids.

These are some of the most worthy paid applications in the android market. Enjoy!

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