Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Android app tops its Apple version

It has always been reported that despite the sheer number of Android users around the world, there are always far more downloads of Apple apps than Android apps every day. This is most likely because of the flexibility and the uniform interface of the iOS. In other words, software and game developers are given much leeway in developing apps for Apple than for Androids. Hence, casual and hardcore gamers alike prefer the iTouch, iPhone and iPad than the multi-platform droid.

However, there is reportedly one app that is more preferred in Android than in Apple. With an estimated 59 million Android users over around 58 million Apple users, this is the first time that an Android app outmatched its Apple counterpart. And this app is none other than the ever famous and ubiquitous Facebook.

The statistics were gathered by AppData, which tracked the number of Facebook users on both platforms everyday. It mentioned that even though Apple has around 100 million total active Facebook users than Android's total estimated 87 million, the day-to-day usage is a more accurate method to know which is the more popular version.

Because of these impressive statistics, developers are excited about developing more apps for Android users. This is a good sign that there are now more people who prefer Androids than Apple when it comes to smart-phones.

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