Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Your Beginners’ Guide to Android Apps

Android apps are fast gaining popularity that can rival iPhone apps. In fact, they are somehow similar in the sense that the applications are customized for their respective operating systems. What this means to you as a newbie to Android is that you can only download and access the applications when your phone or any mobile device is running the Android operating system.

The difference and edge of applications for Android is that most of them are free to download unlike the iPhone applications. Free does not necessarily equate to inferior quality, especially since Google wants the applications to level and even surpass the competition.

Google is the force behind Android. Recently, it has launched the beta version of its Android Training to help developers create first rate apps. This shows how serious the company is in wanting to improve user experience of the Android.

To download the apps, all you have to do is to go to the Android Marketplace and choose the apps that meet your needs and requirements. New applications regularly arrive or you can also select from time tested applications. Most of the apps are free to download while there are also paid and subscribed Android apps.

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