Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don’t be so serious with Your Android

Although Android base phone is well known as smartphone, you don’t actually have to be so serious in using it. It is so because actually there are so many fun applications for Android that you can find in nowadays. Those unique Android applications can be used as a way to have fun in your leisure.

For example, if you love beer more than any other beverages, there is an Android application which is known as iBeer. By this application, you will bale to pretend drinking a glass of beer with your Android phone as the glass. When you take a position of drink with your Android phone, the beer which is displayed on the screen of your Android phone will run out little by little. Although it is a very simple Android application, it will surely effective to have some fun.

Another example of fun application which is designed especially for your Android phone is the one which is known as Talking Tom Cat. When you run this application, there will be a cat named Tom that will always repeat all words that you say. The fun thing that you will able to find in this application is that Tom will repeat your words in the voice that will make you laugh. It is because his voice is just so funny to hear. There are many other interactions that you will able to find in this application. You have to know too that there are also many other Android application that you will able to find to have some fun.

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