Monday, November 28, 2011

Route 66 Maps + Navigation: A Useful Application for Android Users

For those who live in US, Route 66 is a name which is very common in their ears. In nowadays, US Android users should be happy because there is now an application that they will able to use in their Android phone so that they will be guided when they pass this Route 66. The application which is meant here is called Route 66 Maps + Navigation.

The reason why this Android application is said to be useful is not only because it will navigate you, who will pass this route so that you will never be lost. Instead, it is has a view which is also completed with a lead 3D car that will guide you to your destination.

The other best thing that you will able to find in this Android application is that there will be a 30 days free trial given to you. It is a free trial that is given by certain parties only. It means that you have to look for one of those parties if you want to be able to try this application before you finally decided to buy it. When the trial time is end, there are two different prices that will be charged. It is $ 65 for a worldwide lifetime license and $ 45 for US license. If you are living in US and you go through Route 66 often, this application is sure the one that you need to help you being lost in the route. Grab it now.

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