Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blackberry Fights tightly with Apple and Android

In the competition heat of Apple iPhone and Android, the sales of Blackberry 7 have slowed up. The sales of Research in Motion Blackberry 7, according to Mike Walkley as Canaccord Genuite analyst, are not really well during the holidays. The recent checks of the sales show slow sell-through trends for this new Blackberry 7 smartphones. And with the launching of iPhone 4S, the competitive price of Android smartphone, improving windows smartphone, and also the launching of Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, the competition has been really tight for RIM’s products.

For knowing how the competition is going, it might be needed to know that Apple has claimed they have succeeded selling iPhone 4S for 4 million units on the first weekend after the launching. Besides that, AT & T noted that more than 1 million iPhone 4S handsets are activated in less than a week. Sprint said that iPhone 4S launching has been the best-ever single day of sales. And even now after a month of launching, three carriers in U.S have a weeks-long wait before new orders ship.

Compared to success sales of Apple iPhone, Blackberry 7 which is a combination of RIM biggest launch and multiple handsets is sold around the world. However, because of the slow sales, Rim can be a bumpy ride for the next years. And that is why Walkley has changed his target from $21 to $28 to maintain a HOLD rating. With this, he hoped that the sales will increase in the next time.

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